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Are Girls Usually This Flakey?

Okay here is the situation.. I was dating this girl and now we are on a break for the past week.. We were dating for 4 months and things were good however the last week before breaking up was a little none eventful as we were both tired due to work and depressing february so she had second thoughts about the relationship. I then went away for work and came back late on Friday to feel her a little distant.. I went out with friends (as she did too) on the sat night, we texted back and forth throughout the night then she called me after at 2pm so I dropped by and stayed over. Feeling weird about the relationship, I checked her cell and went through her text messages from the night before which was to a guy saying "maybe I will drop by later, heee heee :)" .. Later on Sunday I asked who this guy was. It was a guy she dated before me. She replied by saying, " I snooped in her cell phone and misinterpreted it"... I told her she said it in her sleep the night before... 2 questions... 1) Should I confront her with her texting ? 2) Are girls usually this flaky ? 3) I mentioned we should take a few weeks and if it was ment to be then it was meant to be but I do feel like calling her.. should I ?

Don't Know if I Should Call...

Sophie's advice

Please leave well enough alone.
No you should not confront her about snooping through her texts, and no you should not call her, it was not meant to be. Clearly she has lost interest and pursuing her at this point will just lead to further pain and disappointment. If the relationship had been a good one, then a week less eventful than another will not affect it negatively.

It sounds like you are both still young. Don't get caught up on this girl, it is not worth it. Take away with you the lessons you have learned and try to find a better fit for you and do better next time.
DON'T snoop (if you suspect something, talk about it), remember not all girls are the same and pay attention when the writing is on the wall.
Leave with some dignity and self respect and know that some other girl will be happy to be with you.

Mark's advice

Hey, that's 3 questions. I'll have to charge you time and a half on the last one.

Question 1: Should I confront her with her texting?
Answer: NO. You shouldn't be ratcheting through her text messages Sherlock. If you want to play detective, go buy the CSI board game.

Question 2: Are girls always this flakey?
Answer: YES, they are. (Are guys always this over-bearing? YES they are)

Question 3: Should I call her?
Answer: Depends what you call her. Nuk Nuk Nuk.

I've always wanted to use that line. Don't call her for a week. Checking her texts makes you look jealous and desperate, and calling her the next day is just going to reinforce that image. Call her next week and tell her you miss her and you're sorry for snooping. That should give her time to shake off all the flakes and decide if you're one of them (or not).

All will be revealed in time. A week or two should be enough.

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Are you kidding me?? Going through a woman's cell phone is like going through her purse or journal. It is sneeky and shows how insecure you are. I would never take you back if you did that to me. That would instantly make you an EX BOYFRIEND!