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Attacked by my supervisor

I was attacked by my supervisor. A police report was filed but it has
become a finger pointing match since the event. I ended up with $18,000 in
medical bills. My workers comp attorney just in passing mentioned that the
evaluator is going to be left making the final decision.
I still work at this place and am not going to be very happy if this guy
gets off scot free.
Any advice.

Left Hanging

Sherry's advice

Dear Left Hanging,

I'm assuming that you don't live in Canada where your medical bills should theoretically be covered by your provincial health care plan. However, you don't seem to think that this is a problem so much as you still working in this place with the supervisor who attacked you, which sounds like a terrible situation to be in!

The challenge is when a situation becomes a 'he said, she said' thing. It is important for a company to be fair in taking care of the interest of all parties, especially when you can't prove anything either way. If you can indeed prove it and your company isn't taking care of your situation in an appropriate manner, you really should take it to a civil assault lawyer (also a personal injury lawyer) and ensure that you are fairly represented to recover damages for physical injuries resulting from the assault. Your company may also be found liable if they did not protect you when they could have.

Best of luck!

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