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Can't Seem to Keep a Job

It seems like every job i get i either get fired or end up quiting because the people wont take the time to get to know me. i say hi to everyone ask how there doing offer to help them with their work if they need it but it always ends the same. las job i had i could tell right away the women didnt like me and they talked about me behind my back and they complained to my supervisor until i got fired. i dont know what i am doing wrong to make these people treat me this way. can you please help me.


Sherry's advice

Dear Donna,

There are three main reasons why people get fired:

1) Doing something illegal or against the company regulations.
2) Not being able to do the job.
3) Not fitting in with the corporate culture.

I'm going to assume that you do not do things that are against the law or company regulations - that is to say, you are not stealing equipment nor using company time to do personal errands... So it is going to boil down to the other two issues: you are either not capable of doing the jobs that people are hiring you to do or else you are not fitting in.

I don't know you, but I noticed that you did not capitalize "I" or check the grammar in your sentences. Having good communication skills is very important if you want to be seen as professional, competent and effective. Poorly written documents reflect badly on you... it says that you do not care enough to do a good job. So remember that everything that you do, say or write reflects who you are and do your best to put your best foot forward always.

Now, if you ARE good at your job, but people just don't seem to like you, then it's a different ball game. You need to become a bit more political in the way you think and interact with your co-workers. Don't 'try too hard' or 'kiss ass' - no one likes a brown-noser. Before you start trying to make friends with everyone, observe what the norm is in your new environment: Is being on time important? Do people take coffee breaks together? Do people work through lunch? When do people find time to chat with each other? What do they like to chat about? Are people territorial about their work? Without completely changing who are you, figure out what kind of behaviour is acceptable in this new environment. Until you get to know the environment better, you won't know what your new co-workers may find offensive.

Now, at the end of the day, the only people who really know why it didn't work out for you would be your previous supervisors. If at all possible, you should try to find out directly from them what you can do to improve your chances of doing well in your career. Unless you find out for sure, it is going to be hard for you to improve what you need to improve.

Best of luck!

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