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He has a girlfriend - what should I do?

Im really confused. I like this guy. and he said he likes me back and he even acts like it. Then this other girl comes around and he acts like he likes her to. and my friend said they are thinking of hooking up. He has a girlfriend right now but i dont know what to do.


Sophie's advice

Girl - what are you thinking? You're interested in someone who is showing interest in you AS WELL AS another girl while he HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!?!?! What makes you think he won't cheat on you just like he's planning to on his current girlfriend? You have to be smarter about this - you have to make choices that are good for you, otherwise you're just asking for trouble. You deserve better than this, so start acting like it.

Mark's advice

Now let me get this straight.
You want to hook up with this guy.
This guy probably wants to hook up with you.
He also wants to hook up with this other girl,
but he's already hooked up with someone else right now.
Gee, I don't get it. Are you looking for a boyfriend
or a mattress-buddy? If it's sex you're looking for,
this guy sounds like he can fill everyone's gap.
If you're looking for a boyfriend, well lets just
say, you should find someone who can stick
to one or two women at a time.

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