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Help me.. I am Stalling.

I have a good job and education.  I dress like a GQ model and I have no problem approaching woman and saying my openings..  But the problem with me (fears me the most is) is stalling during the conversation.  I really cannot think about anything to say after all the "let's get to know each other" questions..

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Mark's advice

Well, Mr stalling,
What to say when your mind goes blank. You can always stall by taking a long slow sip of your drink, but this only works once or twice. And you don't want to look like you'd rather be drinking than talking. Okay, here's what you do. Pick out something she has on. Maybe it's a shirt, shoes, earrings, whatever. Then say,"That's a really cool (whatever), It looks great on you. Where did you pick up that?" Now just let her do the talking. That should be good for 15 to 20 minutes. You can stretch it out by telling her, you buy your (whatever) from where ever it is you buy your (whatever). And she'll be thinking, "Wow, a guy who can talk about clothes. This is too good to be true". Next thing you know, she'll want to take you to the mall.
And if you can stand an hour of that, you're in.
Happy shopping.

Sophie's advice

Dear Stalling,
Most people love to talk about themselves and to be validated and listened to. One of the things you want to do is ask a lot of questions, especially open ended questions that require more than one word answers. Find something that is of interest to this person, and start a discussion about that. It is always helpful if you have a broad knowledge of a variety of things, as it increases your chances of finding something you will be able to converse about. If you have met someone and you have had your "let's get to know each other" questions, and you are now at the point at which you will be having your first date, why not do something different? Not a movie (I'm not a big fan of a movie on a first date as it is not an effective way to get to know each other), but maybe there is a festival in town, or an art show, or a museum with an interesting exhibition. How about a a physical activity or a theme park? It is a great way to not have all the focus on each other's conversation and to have many communal things for you to now talk about. It is also a good way to see someone in a more relaxed state, which will give the date a better chance of going well.

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