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He's Not Responding the Way I'd Hoped!

I met this really great guy about four months ago and we get on really
great. I've fallen for him in a really big way - I'm so in love with him it
hurts! I've told him how I feel, and I know he likes me but he's not
responding in the way I hoped! He's a top guy and this is really tearing me
up inside and I don't know how to sort this! I don't want to lose him as a
friend either and I'm scared I will! He's not very forthcoming with how he
feels or being straight wth me, maybe he's shy, I don't know! Can you
help, i'm going crazy over this situation!

Going Crazy

Erin's advice

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "He's just not that into you" by now. This is probably the situation you're finding yourself in now. I'll make it really simple for you,
if a guy is not showing signs of being interested in you, chances are, he's not! Men are not like women - they're far more straight forward. For you to over-analyze the situation, and try to "figure out" what his feelings are, or the "reasons" he's not showing you the affection you want him to, is pointless. Men are action-oriented, meaning if they feel something, they'll act on it. If they don't, no amount manipulation or coercion will make a difference. The best thing you can do is leave him alone - guys certainly don't like to be pressured about things whether they like you or not. If he is in fact interested, he'll come around. Have you stopped to think about why you're making yourself so crazy over this? You met him four months ago and you think you're in love with him - that's not love, that a crush, probably made worse because you're not getting what you want, and obsessing over it. Take a few steps back and try to live in reality instead of the fantasy you've created in your head. When a guy likes you, you'll know it.

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