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How Do I Not Let this Person Get Under My Skin?

I went on a date with a guy that turned out to be pompous, condescending,
and conceited, and I was quite insulted by him on many occasions--he's
liberal and I am conservative, and he is an atheist and I am a devout
Christian, and he always sounded as if he thought I was naive for my beliefs
and values, and then would treat me as if I had no values and no heart
because I am conservative/libertarian. I have basically been able to avoid
him for the most part, and actually found out he was moving to a new
college, so I wouldn't have to see him anymore. But he magically showed up
in one of my classes, and now I have class with him the entire
semester...and it is one of my favorite classes, and I don't want his
presence to ruin it. I don't know how to deal with this because he'll be a
"know-it-all" in class the same way he was to me...any ideas?


Erin's advice

The only reason his presence could ruin your class is because you let it! Throughout life we will encounter people who rub us the wrong way,
and situations we don't want to be in. These instances are tests of our strength and character. Your job is to focus on what's important to you - which should be your happiness and this class that you enjoy. Why would you waste any time worrying about this other person, who is just one person in the thousands you will meet throughout your life?
Be the bigger person, don't create conflict where there is none, and don't worry about things that haven't even happened, and are not even likely to! If you don't like this person, don't interact with him - it's that simple! The fact that this is bothering you so much, could it possibly mean you don't "dislike" him as much as you profess, or that you have too much time on your hands to worry about insignificant things?

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