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How do I start dating again?


I was just wondering how I can find time to get out there and start dating again after a child? I have tried the speed dating events, the websites, the club scene... and it just seems that as soon as I mention I have a child, men run like their a$$ is on fire! I don't get it, I am not asking for a man to support me financially... I am just asking for a date or two some adult conversation and well... you know :P

A Lonely Parent

Mark's advice

You know, I've never seen a guy running around with his a$$ on fire. It makes me think you should be more careful with your lighter around
flatulent men. Okay, seriously, I think you're lucky. You don't want to go out with a guy that doesn't like kids. What happens if you get serious about one. At least they're letting you know before you waste too much time with them. And there's lots of guys out there who do like kids.

Now my big question to you is, How old are you and how old are the guys you're checking out? Most guys under 25 are going to head for the hills when they find you've got a kid. There's lots of guys over 30, however, who are ready to settle down and wouldn't mind taking on the added responsibility. I guess it depends what age bracket you're in. If you are hooking up with the 30+ crowd, there should be lots of kid-friendly guys around. If you're into the under 25's, you may want to say up-front that you're just looking for something casual. And if it's between 25 & 30, it will be a crap-shoot.
Good luck

Sophie's advice

Dear Lonely Parent,
Indeed not everyone is interested in dating someone who already has a child, but there are many who are completely open to it and who may or may not have a child themselves also. Your options are perhaps slightly fewer than singles who do not have a child, but it is far from a helpless situation. You just need to be extra tenacious and continue to meet new people. You will either find someone who is perfectly fine with it, or someone who will get to know you and who will see who you are and be open to it. Don't feel like your child is preventing you from finding a great partner. There are many formerly single parents who have found love. Your child is an asset, not a liability and the right person will know that.
Keep your eye out for some "Single Parents" events coming to in 2006.

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Dear lonely parent. I have the same thing happen to me. As the father of a 14 year old son when a lot of women find out that I am a single parent they run. All I see from them is tail lights and dust from their cars driving around the corner on their get away. So just keep trying. Some one will stay.