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How Do I Tell My Aunt to Mind her Own Business?

My aunt loves to give advice to my brother and me about life and its many issues. I would be happy to listen if the advice was sensable but it is not. She is constantly talking ill about our parents to us and accusing us of being lazy or unambitious. I have always been a good student and am now going to graduate school to finish a phd degree. my brother is looking for a job after finishing his bachelors degree in engineering. we usually just listen to her giving advice but I am ready to ask her to mind her own business. I don't know of the best way to tell her or even if I can tell her this. my parents cannot/ will not tell her to mind her own business. what do you suggest?


Wendy's advice

If you're okay with the possible fallout of asking your aunt to mind her own business, I think you're perfectly within your rights to do so. You have proven that you are neither lazy nor unambitious, and you should not have to listen to anyone bad-mouthing your parents. I find it interesting that your parents will not say anything to her about this, and if you don't know why that is, you might want to ask for their input before telling her to butt out. But ultimately, if you're tired of hearing her opinions, thank her for her concern and explain that you are a responsible adult capable of making decisions for herself. Tell her that if you do need her advice at any point, you'll be sure to ask for it.

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