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How Do I Tell My Parents I'm Bisexual?

How do I tell my parents that I am bisexual? And would they accept me?


Erin's advice

First of all, congratulations on having the courage to consider coming out as bisexual - it's not an easy thing. A good place to start might be by talking to another family member that you trust and respect (who will not go and directly tell your parents) to get their opinion on telling your parents. It will also help if you can get someone who knows you both who can support you and help you and your parents through this transition. As an advice giver, I can't tell you how your parents will react because I don't know them. Things to help you figure this out would be, what are their opinions on gay and lesbians? Have you ever heard them talk badly about people with alternative lifestyles? How open have they been in talking to you about sex - is it a subject that's taboo? Have your parents been characteristically accepting of you throughout your life? These are all things that will help you gauge how well your parents will take the news. There are also many support groups available - if you google "LGBT" for your city you will probably find some support there. Here are a few websites with information on coming out as well:;=300&id;=2075

Gather as much information as you can before deciding to tell your parents - it will help everyone in the long-run if you're as educated about it as possible.
Good luck!

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