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How Do You Get Over A Guy Without Hating Him?

How do you get over a guy without having to hate him or stop talking to him?


Mark's advice

Do you own a gun?
Okay, I'm kidding.
Really, I'm kidding.

So I'm assuming it was a bad break-up. Either that or he dumped you. Anyway, what's wrong with hating him? Go ahead. Hate him all you want.
Burn his picture. Take him off your e-mail list. Go find that gun.
Okay, forget the gun. That was just to make you laugh. You don't have to talk to him either. You might want to just get him out of your system. You might want to find someone else to help you take your mind off him too. Find a new guy to have fun with, then in a couple of months, you probably won't hate him so much, and you'l be able to talk to him without trying to strangle him at the same time. Time really does heal all. Well except for a bad back or a case of the herpes, but that's another story.

Sophie's advice

It sounds like perhaps things didn't go the way you'd hoped with this guy. If he did something to hurt you, then the only way to get over this
is to forgive him. If you were the one who messed things up, you need to forgive yourself. People do things all the time that hurt others, not realizing that they're doing so - most of us are guilty of living in our own bubble at some point. Take some time for yourself and figure out what you're feeling and why. It's a natural reaction to hate something you can't have (if this is the case) - but it's not a very helpful reaction. There's a reason why everything happens, but we don't always get to see right away what this reason is. Give it some time, and don't hand over your power or your happiness to someone else - this is something that belongs to you.

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