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I Can't Understand Her Behavior

A few years ago I had a very good female friend, who cared about me as a friend and I got along very well with her. Then she started playing head games. She was always grumpy with me no matter what I did, but not with other guys. Yet, if I talked to another women she would get jealous but she would chase all the guys and that was ok.. Then she started being good friends with another man and always tried to make me jealous(why). She will not talk to me at all maybe once in a while just kind of grunts thats about it , she cant even look at me in the eyes, but yet she persist on headgames with me, (why). A year ago she did try to make a move on me and I did nothing and I told her that her other male friend should be here and not me with her and ever since she holds a grudge, why hold a grudge obviously its him she wants and not me. I guess all she wants me is for financial reasons and the other guy for the good times. What's this behavior all about???

Mark's advice

Okay Mister Can't Understand;
Unfortunately I've seen this before, and it wasn't pretty.
Anyway, I think you've answered all your own questions. I think you want to break any ties you have with her and just need someone to tell you you're
doing the right thing. Okay, "YOU'RE DOING THE RIGHT THING." Don't waste your time. You'll be too busy trying to figure her out, meanwhile the next love-of-your-life will walk right by you, and you'll miss her.
Get rid of the "loose" baggage now. And the best way to get rid of her is NOT to tell her to screw off. A girl like that will just take a re-newed interest in you, (for a week or two). Tell her you love her and you want to marry her and I promise you she'll never phone you again. If she does phone you again, boy, are you in trouble.

Sophie's advice

Dear Can't Understand Her Behavior,
What is this behavior about? Well, I can make some educated guesses but more important than that, why are you allowing her to play head games with you? There is no game unless two people are playing. She may have been a "good friend" at some point, but she does not sound like any kind of friend now. I would strongly advise for you not to waste any more time thinking or wondering about her. She can not use you, unless you let her. With friends like her, who needs enemies?

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