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I cheated - what should I do? I had these two friends. "Had" is the key word. One male and one female. We were all best friends and did everything together. They ended up becoming bf/gf and I guess I was the third wheel at that time...time passed and he started becoming junky to me. She still talked to me all the time...and he found me as competition. In the end I guess I was. Her and I started fooling around in the summer and it went for a couple months...then it ended. I told her she should tell him everything and I thought she was
going to but now I don't think she ever will. In the end I want to tell him...I tried to get them both back in my lives but I'm left here with nothing. He used to be my best friend and I think he deserves to know
everything no matter how much he loves her. It is the right thing to do. I know I will be hated so much by both of them...but I know I would be doing the right thing. It would be a very long thought out message to him. Heartbreaking for both of us the words I know I want to write...what should I do?

Learning from mistakes...

Erin's advice

Very often, the urge to confess that you've cheated is more about alleviating your own guilt, not about making the circumstances any better for the other parties involved. It sounds to me like the situation can only be made worse, especially because you're already not friends with them anymore. So what is the point of this confession when you're only going to make your ex-friends not like you even more? Is it because you want to break the two of them up? Think long and hard about this; your attitude that it is the "right thing to do" doesn't make much sense - in fact it will only cause more heartbreak and drama. Perhaps you want to get back at the two of them subconsciously, or you want them, even if it's just for awhile, back in your life. We suggest you question your own motivations a little bit longer.

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