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I don't want to end up alone

Hi, I am 40 something young women who in this point in her life is trying to meet new exciting men. It seems that I am not knowing how to go about meeting men. Most of my friend’s guys or girls are married and have there own lives. I really don't have single friends. I have tried the match making seen, the speed dating blah blah and I have to say, the guys they try to hook you up with well let's just say I rather be single. I am not going to say that I am fantastic looking but I do have to say I am a very attractive outgoing fun and full figured women. My only problem is I meet the wrong guys and I am always holding the bag, per say.
How do women who have never been married like myself find guys that make it worth while to go out with and do things? Not ending up hating the whole entire male race. Where can women in Toronto go to find a nice outgoing half descent guy so they don't turn around one day and find life has passed them by and they still are alone? Is it terrible to feel this way wanting to find someone to go through the days with you and enjoy their company. Feeling that there is no one out there and you’re the only woman who still has not found a nice man.

Bummed Out

Sophie's advice

Hello Bummed Out,
Living in Toronto, you are lucky - there are a lot of ways to meet men and a lot of good men to meet. The question is, are you really ready?
Even though you say you would like to meet someone, there is a tone of jadedness in your e-mail and believe me, men will sense it and run. You mention things such as trying to find someone "worth while". Don't you agree that sounds a just a little pretentious? We are all human. That does not mean that everyone is right for us, but a little more acceptance and gentleness wouldn't hurt. And why would anyone be foolish enough to hate the entire male race, or female race or any race for that matter? And why would someone from that male race fall for someone who has those attitudes?

Speaking from personal experience, as well as those of many friends, there are great men to be met at different singles services such as speed dating. Of course you would never know that if you walk in with a chip on your shoulder, thinking nothing or no one will ever be good enough.
If you truly want to find a partner, then at some point you do have to take a look at yourself and be honest with why it is that "everyone else" seems to be with someone and you never are. The common factor is you. Try to go into things with a more open mind. Just get out to meet and enjoy people - all sorts of people - the rest will follow.

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