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I hate my boss...

I'm being micromanaged to death! My boss needs to know exactly what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, how long it takes and then she needs to get involved with every little thing. I feel like what the heck is the point for me to even try to do anything, because she is going to change it all at the end anyway!?!? I can't stand this! I love my job but hate working with my boss.


Sherry's advice

Dear Being-Micromanaged,

Micromanagement stems from insecurity. Your boss does that because either 1) she doesn't know what's going on and she's going to get in trouble with her boss, or 2) she doesn't trust you yet to do a good job.

Really, your job is to convince her that you can do the job the way it needs to get done. So:

1) Be prepared for every meeting with her.
2) Be able to answer any and all questions.
3) Do your best to think 5 steps ahead.
4) Provide options so that if she wants to go in a certain direction, you have already thought about it and have recommendations for that direction.
5) If you do not agree with her approach, make sure to make your case with facts and research to support your approach.
6) Try to anticipate her questions and the details she needs.
7) Do not back track. If you put something forward and she doesn't like it, don't try to take it back. Just graciously accept that she has the right to make the call final call.
8) Make sure that you're working well with other colleagues. Them telling your boss that you're great can't hurt.
9) Slowly wean her from needing to know everything...
10) Smille!

Once she starts feeling like she has some control, or at least enough information so that she can successfully do her job, she will back off. However, if you try all this and she still is micromanaging you, it's definitely her and not you. Get a new job!

Keep smiling through it all,

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