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I Miss My Brother!

My big brother is in college. I miss him a lot. So he comes home in the vacations and whenever he goes I cry until he comes back. This summer I saw him for a week then he left for summer school and he is coming in four weeks. Then I will see him for a week or two then he will go to London for summer school there. Then he will go back to his original college and I won't be able to see him till three months or four months. As much as i cry i can't stop! The same thing is happening next year too, but next year he will not go to London. What can I do - I just keep crying and crying. When he comes I am not bored. But when he leaves I am so sad. I try doing something else but I still think about him.I try doing all the things we did together when he was here but it is not still the same. It is hard to play, sleep and eat if I am always crying I just miss him! He is so nice to me . My mom tells me it is ok he will come back. But, I can't help it.


Sophie's advice

Dear Sadness,
It's tough when someone you're so close to is far away. You have to realize though, that even though he is not there physically,
he is always with you in your heart. Try carrying a picture of him with you, so you can remind yourself of that fact - that he is always with you. You also need to look at yourself and understand that you are a whole person on your own, with or without your brother. What are your interests? Do you have hobbies and other friends besides your brother? These are all things that will help pass the time while your brother is not there. It's important to figure out who you are, independent of your brother - this will help you a great deal because you will have developed an internal strength to help you carry on when you're sad. Lastly, tell your brother you miss him - maybe he can put some time aside to make sure he emails you or phones you on a regular basis. This way, you'll have something to look forward to every week. Hang in there, you are a strong person and remember you're lucky to have a brother who is so close to you. A lot of people don't have that bond which is even sadder than the feeling of missing him.

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