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I need money to make me pretty

I need money to get stuff to make me more pretty. What should I do?

Jennifer (name has been changed)

Erin's advice

An important thing to remember is that being pretty comes from the inside and feeling good about yourself, not from clothes or jewelry. People will notice when you are a good and nice person, rather than what you look like. If you need some money (and everyone does for lots of things in life), a great way is to get a part-time job. Because you're only 11 years old, you should ask your parents if they have any spare jobs or chores for you to do for some money, or perhaps someone in your neighbourhood (but make sure it's only someone you know, do not ask a stranger) might need help and you could ask them if they have anything you could help them with. The only real way to get money is to work for it, and It will make you feel good to work for something.

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