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I Need to Know if This Married Man Likes Me!

Can someone help? I've known a married man over 2 years, and when we are around
each other there's an attraction. Even my husband jokes about how he is with me - he
also told a friend how much he likes me, but we are both married. He can joke
and hold conversation with other women but when speaking to me, he can't
really look at me directly. How can I know he's not playing games - I really need
to know if his feelings are real - please help.


Erin's advice

The question is, why do you need to know if this man's feelings are real? You are a married woman, and the last I checked, that means you don't get involved with other men, or worry about what their feelings towards you are. Unless you want to jeopardize your marriage, and create problems within his, you need to keep this "relationship" completely platonic. Unless he comes forward and says something directly to you about his feelings, there's absolutely no need to address them at all. And if he does come forward with feelings for you, you should remind him you're both married. But if you have problems in your marriage and are looking for attention from someone else, then either fix the problem with your husband, or get out of the marriage before involving other innocent people.

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