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I Totally Screwed Up!

There's this guy, John, and I like him. Well I totally screwed up because I sent him a message about his current girlfriend. It's 100% true, but it's mean. It's about how she's fake, a cheater, a poser and risks her life for attention. Well he wanted to call me and talk about it because he was mad. He never called but we talked through texts. I told him I was REALLY sorry and I have asked him SO many times if he's still mad at me or if he forgives me but he won't answer. What should I do?!


Mark's advice

Holy Socks, Batman!
Talk about a stupid move.
If you like a guy, you don't get into his good books by ripping his girlfriend to pieces. You might as well have slugged her. And who do you think he's going to stick up for. Well it's not you. Okay, you really screwed this one up. BUT, since I'm forced to help you, (they beat me with a dogs leg if I fail to give good advice), I do have one solution. And it has a 50/50 chance of working.

You go up to him when he's alone, (and NO text messaging) and tell him you are sorry, and the only reason you said those things (other than the fact you think they're true) is because you feel he deserves better, and that you like him and you want a chance to go out with him. He'll be flattered, he'll appreciate your honesty, and you'll know right there and then whether he is into you or not.

Good Luck with that.

Sophie's advice

You should really know better than to get involved in someone else's relationship! Even if what you say about his girlfriend is true, if this person is your friend, then you need to be there for him and act like a friend - not stir things up for your own benefit. But you know this already don't you - you feel terrible that you've ruined everything, and that very well may be true. At this point, you have to just leave it alone. If he values your friendship then he might eventually come around, but give this guy some space and stop making it about you.

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