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I'm 11 - How Can I Learn to be More Flirty?

I am 11 years old and there is this boy Robby, he's my ex and I need to know how to be more flirting because I love to flirt and I want him to ask me out again because he still has feelings for me and he talks to my friend John and I wonder what they talk about because they always look at me when they talk????

Jennifer (name has been changed)

Wendy's advice

At the age of eleven, the last thing you should be worried about is how to flirt better. You have many, many years to figure that one out for yourself and, believe me, you'll get lots of chances. For now, you should just be straightforward with him. Boys are not like girls. They don't sit around thinking about everything you say and try to figure out what it means. They just take everything you say for exactly what it is, so flirting with them, especially at the age of eleven, is kind of a waste of time anyway. And if you really want this boy to like you, have some interests outside of boys and flirting, like reading or soccer or music. Believe it or not, being a well-rounded person is a lot more attractive than just being a big flirt.

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