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In love with a married man

I am in love with a married guy, who says he loves me and will leave his
wife irrespective of whether we work out or not, but would like a future
with me, he gave me the classic doublespeak " I love her but am not in love with her, I am in love with you...". Then later he comes and tells me his wife admitted to cheating on him, and he does not know how to react, be happy that he is not guilty or be sad about it. He also mentioned his wife suspects about us, and would not want to tell her to avoid a nasty divorce, but he still 'reports' to her, by telling her where he is, what he is doing, trying to cover up his tracks, I don't understand the need for it. I am terribly confused and I don't know where this is going. We meet whenever possible and he does seem to care a lot about me.

Please help me. I am on a verge of nervous breakdown everyday.

Thanks in advance..


Sophie's advice

To answer your question, where this is going is no where. You know it and it is time you face it and move on to a healthier relationship - with yourself first.
To guide you in the future, whenever you are "in love" and on the verge of a "nervous breakdown everyday", it is because something is terribly wrong. The pain you will feel in moving on is nothing compared to the pain if you stay, so get started now. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to be happy again.

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