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Is there anything I can do without hurting him badly?

I'm getting married this fall to the love of my life which seems fine and all until the ex bf keeps getting into the picture. I broke up with him two years ago and he still calls me and tell me that he loves me and want me back. I told him as soon as I got with my fiance that we weren't gonna be together again and when I told him that my fiance and I were gonna get married he has been more persistent to either annoy the hell out of me or to try and make me reconsider getting married. I know I'm happy with thedecision I am making but what should I do to get him to stop harassing me? He shows up at my work all the time to try and get me to talk to him and its really starting to scare me. I NEED HELP!! Is there anything I can do without hurting him that badly? Please let me know. Thank You


Sophie's advice

You tried to be nice and he decided not to listen. He has now crossed the line by persistently contacting you and not listening to your wishes. This could actually escalate to more dangerous levels and you can't worry about not trying to hurt his feelings any more - you need to be clear. Next time he calls, tell him firmly that you have told him that things are over, that he needs to respect that and that you do NOT wish for him to call you again. If he does call again, remind him firmly that you had asked him not to call anymore and that he has disrespected your wishes for the last time and should he call again, you will have to take other measures and report him. This may seem difficult, but you must do this for yourself, and your fiance, as well as for you ex. He needs to move on, and he can't be getting any other messages from you besides that it is over.

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