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Looking for Mr. Specific

I have a problem, I am an attractive, fun, 26 year old blond, I am looking for a nice man, looks are not that important, as long as there is chemistry and some physical attraction, however, here is where I am having a problem with, I cannot find a man that does not want children and second I am looking for a well endowed man, seriously, no joke. How can I find out both of these things within the first or second date at the most. With out wasting time or testing and you know...

I am looking for a long term commitment.
Size Specific

Mark's advice

All of a sudden, I'm feeling a little inadequate.
Well Miss Size Specific. This is certainly a tall order to fill. And I'm not talking about the size thing either. Believe it or not, most guys who are looking for a long term relationship, are also looking forward to having kids at some point. (You know, carry on the family name and all that). I think you will be limiting your prospects greatly. I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who will say they don't want kids just so they can go out with an attractive 26 year old blond, in hopes that down the road, they can either change girlfriends or change your mind. However, it is good to be upfront with this, and ask a potential date before you give your opinion. That way, you'll get a more honest answer.
As far as the size thing...Hmmm. Okay, the average penis size is around 6 inches, so I take it you're looking for something in a bigger wrapper. I guess it all depends what you call "well endowed". If you're looking for double digits, then again, you will be limiting your prospects greatly. If you are looking for bigger than average (say the 7 to 9 inch range) then, there should be plenty of candidates. Other than looking at their shoe size, how can you tell? Well, I guess you are just going to have to ask. (and not in front of your friends). Fact: Most guys know the size of their "Man-weapon" and most of those who are bigger than average, will be happy to tell you. Try asking like this: "I'm not trying to be rude, and I really don't want you to whip it out, but how big are you down there?", or "My last boyfriend was 4 inches, and said most guys are 4 inches. Is that really true?"
I wish you luck.

Sophie's advice

Dear Size Specific,
Subtlety is an artform. When it comes to finding out if a man wants children or not, find a way to casually shift the conversation in that direction.
You could ask him if he has any nieces or nephews. Hearing his response and the way he reacts and talks about his family may be enough to give you a clue as to where he's coming from, and it may open up the conversation enough so that he volunteers the information himself. If you're still not getting the answers you need, well, just ask him outright. If this issue is a relationship dealbreaker for you, than you have nothing to lose. As for your other dilemma, subtlety is an impossibility. You have two options, either test the merchandise or ask him for his measurements.

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Unlike what Mark wrote, I'm a 39 year old man who wants a long term relationship, but I have no interest in having any kids. I'm also 6'6" tall and everything is proportional to my height or more than proportional :-). I think Ms. Size Specific is being a bit superficial with her "well endowed" requirement, but I'm probably just as superficial about a woman's appearance, so I can't criticize too much. My "no kids" decision is definite, so I have no problem mentioning it right from the start to avoid wasting anyone's time if a woman feels differently.

Mr. Specific