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Love to Love Him

I've been with an amazing guy for a month now. Things started fast from the beginning and I am overjoyed that I've finally met someone to be serious with.. its been almost two years. I've been wanting to tell him I love him, but I'm worried that it will scare him off. I tried to tell him once and he kept me from saying it. I know it has only been a month, but when is the right time?

Mark's advice

How you doing Miss Love to Love.

Shhhh, quiet, keep them zipped, don't say it, no, don't.. DON't..... too late. Now look, you scared him off.

I know, you're in love, and you just want to blurt it out to the whole world. "I LOVE YOU. OH GOD, I LOVE YOU" But you're a woman. (I am assuming) He's a man, and it's probably going to take him two or three months to fall for you (if he does at all). And yah, telling him you love him way too early may send him running for the hills. Why don't you give it another month. See if he is getting more serious about you. You could wait until he says he loves you. (Or you could wait for Hell to freeze over and see which comes first.) From a guys point of view, one month is too early.

If you feel like you're going to burst and just have to tell him, try being casual about it. You could go with; "I love you, but don't take it too seriously. I could change my mind at any time." That kind of takes the edge off it, and makes it a little easier to swallow.

You sound like a nice person, so I hope it works out for you. Just go slow.

Sophie's advice

Dear Love to Love Him,

Isn't love fun? It is! And sometimes it is so fun that things move along faster than one or both is quite ready for. I understand that you may want to call this from the roof tops, but considering he has given you a sign he is not quite ready yet, give the guy some time. Don't rush it. There is a lot to be said for giving the other person the space needed to come upon this in their own time.

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