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My husband doesn't put me first...

my husband would rather spend time with his mother and his brothers instead of me, his wife. i am tired of him putting me third or fourth i want to be first in his life. how can i make him see what he is doing with out bitching at him. i am so tired of it i am ready to divorce him. what can i do?


Wendy's advice

Telling your husband how you feel in a calm manner is not bitching at him. If you are truly ready to leave him over this, it is something he needs to know now. I would, as calmly as possible, sit him down and tell him that you feel that you're taking a back seat to his family, that this hurts you and that you need him to work with you to resolve this problem. I would also suggest seeking marriage counselling. He is clearly very close to his family and hasn't been able to make the changes necessary in his relationship with them to effectively include you in his life. He may need some professional help doing this. If he won't go to counselling with you, go without him so you can sort out your own feelings about this and make some decisions of your own with an impartial professional who can help you see things clearly.

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