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Please help I cant stop thinking about how we are supposed to be together!

For THE LONGEST time I have liked Mark. In 2nd Grade (pathetic) we were
sorta going out, holding hands and stuff. Then my world was crushed because all the years after I still loved him, and yet he didn't love me back. I'm now in 9th grade and since then might I mention he has had a couple gf but somehow I learned to deal with it. Right now he has had one for quite some time now...I was FINALLY realizing that why put someone 1st priority when they don't do the same? This year and last year he started sorta flirting with me and making tiny bits of small talk and at first I was mad because after all those years after I had gotten over him and then he just decides to flirt with me? but at the same time I was loving it, cause I was finally getting the attention I wanted from him ya know? I was learning to just sorta ignore him, but last night I had a dream. Mark and I were alone in the park and it was at the end of our talk - I said what about your gf? And he replied - We're over. Then I looked into his eyes and for the 1st time said I love you, so did he. then we walked off hand in hand. What does that dream mean? What should I do? I can't confront him because he knows how I feel (mostly). Please help I cant stop thinking about how we are supposed to be together. Why else would god have put him in my life THIS long? HELP!


Sophie's advice

Seven years is a long time. It sounds like you are friends with Mark and that you are important to each other on some level, however, dreams aside, this guy has had no problem being with other people romantically who aren't you. Oftentimes we as women can read more into a situation than is actually there. Men are pretty simple in the way that their actions are a good representation of what they're feeling. Mark has probably enjoyed all the attention you've given him over the years - and the fact that he started flirting with you only when you started ignoring him is a sign that he was just missing that attention. You need to move on. Your dream sounds like a Hollywood romance film - it's how you want things to end up between you two, so don't read too much into it. You ask why god would have put him in your life for this long - perhaps you need to dig a little deeper - people show up in our lives to teach us things about ourselves. I hope you will learn to put your
feelings first instead of investing in a relationship that doesn't even exist. That's not to say it never will - but you can't carve out a life based on wishes. Live your life for you and good things will start to happen.

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