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Should I Continue my Relationship with my Granddaughter?

I have a grandchild that I met for the first time seven years ago. She is a beautiful young lady but I'm not sure she wants a relationship with my
husband and I. She appears not to want one with her father. I have asked her to come and spend time with me, I have taken her out to movies, shopping, and lunch. I have acknowledged her birthdays and Christmas. So far, I do not receive any thanks for any of this. I have decided that she really doesn't want a relationship with us either. She doesn't want to come visit or spend time with us unless we are going to be spending money on her. I am thinking that from here on out, I will send only a card for her birthday and I'm still not sure about Christmas. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks for your advice.

Unsure Grandma

Wendy's advice

This is completely reasonable. Relationships are a two-way street and it sounds like you've given more than your fair share to this one. Continue to stay in touch through cards, but you are under no obligation to send gifts or spend extra money, especially if you don't even receive the courtesy of a thank you for your efforts. Hopefully in time your granddaughter will understand the value of having a meaningful relationship with you, and not just one that involves you showering her with gifts.

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