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Should I Move On?

Alright, so theres this guy , and i dated him, and we had a nasty break up and I did some things that I wasn't proud of, and I'm not over him. But, he broke up with me, and he only broke up with me because one of his friends. I really like him but I think he moved on because it's been about 6 months. I dont know what to do, but I know that he won't get back together with me because his friends hate me.


Erin's advice

If you still have genuine feelings for this guy, you need to ask him if there's a chance of you getting back together. It's the only way you're going to be able to get him out of your head. Be brave and talk to him directly, explaining your feelings, but try not to get overly emotional about it, as men don't typically respond positively to that. He'll tell you if he's interested or not, and then you can either pursue a relationship with him, or move on. Don't waste your time wondering what you should do, just do it!

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