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Where to go on a first date

Hi Mark Sophie,

I am a male in his early thirtys have been busy for a long time with school. I could use some advise. After attending an event how should one set up his fiest date with a match, and where is a good place to go?

Mark's advice

To bed. Then you can tell how much money she's worth spending on for a second date.
Okay, I'm kidding. I just wanted to see if you were actually listening. Hmmm, where to go? Well, out for a coffee is a good start. You can learn a whole lot about someone just by sitting at "Tim's" with a coffee in your hand. Also, at this point, you haven't committed at lot of time or cash, so if things don't look good, you can always bail.
From there, (if things are going well) you can suggest maybe a movie or a club. If it is a movie, make sure you start the evening off early enough to catch the 9:00 show, and let her choose. If she tells you to pick the flick, go for the comedy, because everyone loves a comedy. If you make her sit through "Jupiter Junkies Conquer Mars", it will be the last time she sits beside you. Oh, and if you pick a club, pick one where you can actually hear what she is saying.
Other places? You can always walk the main drag, look in here, pop in there, window shop, buy her something cheap, keep it loose. There's the beach (if you've got one near by). You could kick sand on some skinny weak guy so he'll be inspired enough to work out and come back next year and pound you. You could take her bowling. It's not all fat guys in ugly shoes anymore. (Well the ugly shoes are still there). Parties are always a low cost alternative, but that requires being invited to one. And you've got to bring something she likes to drink. Forget jamming a couple of beers in your pockets like the old days. Other ideas include the theatre, a tourist trap, a sporting event and of
course there's always dinner. Hey, everyone has to eat.

As far as setting up your first date. Call her. Duh.

Sophie's advice

There are many options you have, depending on your own interests and budget.
Meet at a coffee shop or pub for a drink. This way, if there is no connection, you just have a drink together and head your separate ways. Or how about seeing what is happening around town? Is there a festival you may want to go to? Not only will you get a chance to talk to your date, but there will be lots of things around you to talk about also. I am not a big fan of going to a movie on the first date. After all, this is a time when you should try to get to know each other and sitting in a movie theatre for a couple of hours, will not allow you to do that.

Be yourself and if there is a connection, you'll make anywhere you are fun.

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Seriously Mark, I have been reading your advice and I will be honest - it is pretty weak. Actually it downright stinks. You just listed ever possible social event imaginable...Sophie on the other hand was concise and delivered her thoughts with an explanation to support.