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Who should pay on the first date?

I'm in college and I've gone out with a couple of girls over the past few months on first dates and typically I take them to a restaurant like Applebees or something that's nice but not too expensive - usually about $30-$40 bill. No matter how the date goes, there is always the awkward moment when the bill comes and she pulls out her purse and asks "how much do I owe" or something similar. I never know how to handle this because I assume that since I asked her out, I should pay. So... what do you do in this situation when the woman offers to pay? I can't tell if she'll think I'm arrogant and/or "trying to buy her" if I don't let her... or is she just testing me to see if I'm cheap...


Sophie's advice

My advice to you is, if she pulls out her purse and offers to pay, let her know that you appreciate the offer but that it would be your pleasure to pay this time. A modern woman will offer to pay, but she will always appreciate it when you insist that you take the bill, especially on your first date.

Mark's advice

Dear Dinner Dude

First Date, you pay.
Now that was easy.

If you feel uneasy about that, just say; That's okay, you can get it next timeĀ. That'll make your date feel less guilty about you footing the bill. It also shows her that you're open minded enough to let her pay the next time out (if she really wants to). Most women who pull out their wallet are just being polite, however there are a few out there who really insist on paying their own way. The You can get it next time works for either group.

Now, as far as the second date ...hey, you're on your own.

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