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Work relationship

Hi guys, I had a sexual relationship for a year with a woman at work who had this huge crush on me. We slept together every Friday night for a year. Then after a year she said she couldn't do it anymore and wanted something more. I wasn't ready because I was hurt before in a relationship. I couldn't commit to her because I was hurt before and we worked together.

Then two weeks after she called it off she slept with a friend of mine who works at the company as well. When I found out I was hurt and angry. I confronted her on it and she was devastated. Things went bad between them and since I was only one who knew about them. I turned out to be the shoulder for her to cry on and I found myself growing closer to her.

We talked every day for like 4 months and then she met another guy but kept telling me she missed me which in turn messed with my head. I now find myself missing her but I have to work with her too knowing full well she is in a committed realtionship with her new guy.
What do I do?

Mark's advice

How do I say this is all your own fault.
Let's see. "This is all your own fault".
Hey, that pretty much says it.

So what do you do!
What do you do about what?
What do you do about working with her?
You treat her with respect, just as you would treat any other co-worker.
And you do not bother her. You do not lead her on and tell her you want her back and ruin her new relationship just so you can get your noodle wet.

Come on! You don't miss her. You miss the sex. You said and I quote, "I had a sexual relationship for a year with a women at work who had this huge crush on me". There's nothing about you having any feelings for her. Oh yah, let's not forget, " We slept together every Friday night for a year".
Almost sounds like bowling night with the boys. After a year of pounding the pudd, and you still can't make any kind of commitment; You're lucky she let you have her that long. That must have been some crush.

Don't waste her time or yours.
Go find someone you really like.

Sophie's advice

Well, you've really gotten yourself into a pickle... You have two choices in this matter, quit to get away from her, or stay and live with the choices you made. Workplace romance is often prohibited by employers - for this very reason. It's all clandestine flowers and rainbows while it's going on, until it goes South. Don't create any further personal drama at your workplace unless you are prepared to quit or get fired. Leave the past in the past and move on.

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