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How Do I Get Myself Out of This Mess?
I have a huge problem. Me and a guy I've been in love with for several months now, were at this party the other day and we both ended up pretty drunk. We ended up going out alone for whatever reason and started kissing. It was obviously like a dream… More

Our Sex-Life is Suffering!
I am 26 and my husband is 44 and we have our first child on the way. For over a year now I have been trying to deal with the lack of sex in our marriage and have addressed the issue several times to him. He always gets freakishly mad… More

Should I Move On?
Alright, so theres this guy , and i dated him, and we had a nasty break up and I did some things that I wasn't proud of, and I'm not over him. But, he broke up with me, and he only broke up with me because one of his friends.… More

Parenting my boyfriend's son...
My boyfriend of a year and a half just moved in together. He has a 3 year old son who stays with us most of the time now. His was living with my boyfriend's parents before and still stays there a couple nights a week. When he stays at their… More

What Could I Be Doing Wrong?
Hi, I’m a 1st year uni student and didn’t go out with the class much as I prefer staying in. My class haven’t bothered to get to know me and I have found they talk behind my back. They say I work too hard, cry too much and I think… More

How Do I Tell My Aunt to Mind her Own Business?
My aunt loves to give advice to my brother and me about life and its many issues. I would be happy to listen if the advice was sensable but it is not. She is constantly talking ill about our parents to us and accusing us of being lazy or unambitious.… More